Video-Drain Cleaning

Video drain inspections allow home owners and building managers to locate the blockage and plan the best course of treatment for these tricky situations. Clients can visually see problems and the best possible solutions can be worked out on site with no hidden surprises. Video drain inspection is a common practice when buying a new home and copies of these findings can be shared with home owners and agents.  There are multiple uses for drain video services within commercial buildings and a simple picture video has been known to save hours of concrete breaking to repair valves etc.

Top three benefits of video drain cleaning work:

There are several benefits associated with video drain cleaning work. Here are the top three of the major advantages:

1. Reduced damage to landscaping

By using video drain cleaning, it is possible to have your sewer and drainage lines cleaned with minimal disruption to your landscaping work – it’s all done through your drain access or clean-out.

This is because it removes the need to dig up your yard to identify the source of plumbing problems, providing for a much easier method to access the cleaning-out of your pipes.

However, the plumber may still have to dig a particular area of your yard to do the necessary drain cleaning work, BUT only if it has been proven nesccessary through precisely locating the issue with the video drain inspection. The affected area will be limited to the exact location required to clean the affected pipe.

This is far superior to the widespread exploratory digging which would be needed to locate a problem without any camera.

2. Identifies the exact location of the problem

With residential drain cleaning, an experienced plumber using a video drain cleaner can locate the exact area of the affected pipe without having to resort to digging as the diagnosis process.

This plumbing technique of identification and drain cleaning involves only the use of a camera (designed for storm drains and sewer pipes) to identify the exact area of the plumbing problems.

3. Saves money and time

Generally, high tech solutions to common homeowner problems can be quite expensive. This is different in the case of video drain cleaning work.
Identifying a pipe problem using this technology takes a minimal amount of time, and less labor needed than for searching and trenching for problem identification.

Of course, this result reduces the total cost of drain cleaning and inspection for homeowners and an accelerated schedule to having the affected pipe restored to correct working order.

The exact cost of this technology may vary depending on the amount of work needed and the area. The average cost of a video drain cleaning is about $250, in addition to any other cost of required repairs that may be necessary as revealed by cleaning or inspection.