Boiler & Infloor Heating

Briar Pump and Plumbing services and installs many makes and models of boiler for your hot water heating needs, including IBC boilers and Viessmann boilers.  Knocking radiators or pipes are often a quick and easy fix. Let us address those issues while we clean and service your boiler. Briar Pump and Plumbing offers economical yearly inspections for peace of mind and for your insurance company’s requirements.

A boiler specialist has decades of experience working on a variety of boiler systems so you can rely on the best fit and capabilities for your building. With Briar Pump and Plumbing, you can feel confident knowing you will receive expert recommendations for the best boiler for your situation, coupled with expert retrofit / upgrade / installation to ensure long-lasting functionality.

Each boiler is specified with you in detail, from among the most modern high-efficiency boilers, based on equipment efficiency, heating capacity, budget, and ease of maintenance. Modern units can have enormous efficiency gains over older models, conserving energy and preserving your monthly heating budget.

Each installation is executed with efficiency, quality fit & finish and durability as top priorities. The specialist boiler installers at Briar have the experience to guide you through the entire process to ensure you harvest the benefits of your boiler system, and to make sure you are knowledgeable of the services and product provided.