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Briar Pump & Plumbing Ltd. is a Canadian family-owned business rooted in residential, commercial and industrial plumbing with over 30 years of experience. The history of Briar started with a focus on each of the areas in plumbing and being sure to provide specialized service. The specialist mindset is really what sets Briar apart from the competition.

Certified & Professional Plumbers in Ayr, Ontario

Briar Pump and Plumbing Ltd offers the required Certificate of Achievement in Cross Connection Control (Backflow Prevention) which has been implemented by the OWWA (Ontario Water Works Association). Our plumbers have completed the CCCS (Cross Connection Control Specialist) course offered by the OWWA. We will acquire permits on your behalf and submit all proper documentation to the appropriate region. We are happy to help you with all your Cross Connection Control inspections and surveys.

Protecting Your Investment

At Briar, the focus is to provide the best recommendation, repair and installation. Your long-term satisfaction is the goal of the business relationship. Briar recommends the best merchandise. Briar experts consider repair as the first option when other professionals too often suggest new installation. With Briar, you will receive lifetime value for your plumbing investment. With Briar you will find service from someone that is dedicated to your area of need while also having an eye on being environmental friendly whenever possible. Specialization has been the foundation of the company for decades and continues to be what is provided today.

Giving You a Customized Finish

Also unique to Briar is the fact that interior bathroom design comes free of charge. If you are looking for a new bathroom with a customized look, the design specialist at Briar will provide you with a custom design that fits your tastes. The entire project can be managed by Briar. The materials will be selected and a contractor will be recommended. You can be as involved as much you would like, even having the opportunity to visit a full showroom of products. It is assured that you have a full vision of what your new bathroom will look like.


Seasonal Checkups

Keep your products working longer with our professional seasonal checkups. The experts at Briar will visit your location and provide seasonal inspections to ensure everything is working properly. Items recommended for season checkup include:

• Boilers and commercial plumbing systems.
• Pumps and gas appliances.
• Water purification and softeners.

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