For new construction projects as well as existing buildings...

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A pump system can seem complicated and confusing....

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Boiler & Infloor Heating

Briar Pump and Plumbing services and installs many makes...

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Water Treatment

Hard water can be an issue in a variety...

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Video-Drain Cleaning

Video drain inspections allow home owners and building managers...

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Backflow Preventors

Many local municipalities require backflow preventors to be installed...

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Areas We Cover

As a Glen Morris/Cambridge based pump and plumbing company we cover all cities and areas surrounding the following:

  • Cambridge
  • Kitchener
  • Brantford
  • St. George
  • Ayr
  • Paris

Briar Pump & Plumbing Ltd.

Briar Pump & Plumbing Ltd is a Canadian family-owned business rooted in residential, commercial and industrial plumbing with over 30 years of experience. The history of Briar started with a focus on each of the areas in plumbing and being sure to provide specialized service. The specialist mindset is really what sets Briar apart from the competition.

Certified & Professional Plumbers in Ayr, Ontario

Briar Pump and Plumbing Ltd offers the required Certificate of Achievement in Cross Connection Control (Backflow Prevention) which has been implemented by the Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA). Our plumbers have completed the Cross Connection Control Specialist (CCCS) course offered by the OWWA. We will acquire permits on your behalf and submit all proper documentation to the appropriate region. We are happy to help you with all your Cross Connection Control inspections and surveys.

Residential Services

For new construction and existing buildings and homes, Briar provides best in class installation services. The specialists at Briar understand everything required to install the latest in plumbing needs…

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Commercial Services

Briar¬†services commercial boilers, water softeners, individual unit repairs and parking lot pumps.¬† We are certified gas installations technicians. We understand the complexities and challenges…

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